Personal Insurance

Protecting your lifestyle and assets by providing valuable advice, saving you money and tailoring the right insurance solution to your specific needs.

‘In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.’
-Theodore Roosevelt

Key Person Insurance – allows the business to maintain financial viability, profitability when a key person suffers death, illness or injury. Benefits continue until the key person is able to return to work or until other arrangements can be made.

Shareholder Protection Insurance – designed to protect all the shareholders in a business when one dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Life Insurance – a lump sum paid on the death of the insured person which can be used to repay any debts or financially support loved ones. Premiums are determined by amount of cover required, age, gender and smoking status. Premiums can be affected by current health issues so please contact us (link to Contact Us) for further advice.

Trauma and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance – designed to provide lump sum payments upon diagnosis.

Income Protection – a monthly sum paid when you are unable to work in your current occupation.

Health Cover / Medical Insurance – designed to ensure that you have cover to meet health and medical expenses in the hospital and with the doctor of your choice.

Funeral Insurance – provides a lump sum payment to alleviate the burden of funeral costs.

Redundancy and Mortgage Protection Insurance – protects you and your family from defaulting on financial obligations and mortgage repayments in the event of job loss.

All of these insurance products cover different circumstances and, as such, need to be personalised to you and your needs. Whether you are looking at these products for the first time, or your policies require a review – Auckland Financial Solutions are here to provide personalised advice after gaining a thorough understanding of your specific requirements.

Whether you need to arrange health cover, income protection, funeral insurance, redundancy and mortgage protection or any other insurance coverage, Auckland Financial Solutions can provide solutions to suit your specific needs so your future is secure and you have peace of mind.

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