Auckland Financial Services can provide expert advice on your KiwiSaver, helping you to determine the right fund you and to ensure that you continue to receive Member’s Tax Credits.

What is KiwiSaver?

The KiwiSaver is a work-based, voluntary savings scheme with a range of benefits of membership. With KiwiSaver you receive:

Up to $521.43 in Member Tax Credits each year (50 cents Gov. contribution for every $1 you contributed up to cap amount)
3% Employer Contributions if you are contributing to your KiwiSaver from your wages
First Home Withdrawal facility available after 3 years of membership
Up to $5000 First Home Subsidy *conditions apply

Who can join KiwiSaver?

Anyone who meets the following criteria:
Below the qualifying superannuation age in New Zealand (65 years as at 2014)
Living or usually living in New Zealand (exceptions apply)
A New Zealand citizen or entitle to live in New Zealand permanently

When you are over 18 years of age and begin a new job, you are usually automatically enrolled in a default KiwiSaver scheme. From here you have eight weeks to determine if you wish to remain in KiwiSaver or not. You may also change to the KiwiSaver scheme of your choice – contact us for more information.

KiwiSaver is also available for the self-employed and those not currently working – contact us to learn more.

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